Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bye Bye Boys

DC comic's The Boys - which stars Simon Pegg, despite being an illustrated comic book so it doesn't actually have stars per se, and Pegg apparently knowing nothing about it until the thing was coming out and Rich Johnston e-mailed him to tell him - has been cancelled after only six issues. Reportedly, sales were healthy, if not indeed climbing, so why the sudden canning?

According to Mark Cardwell at Bad Librarianship (he wrote the Mysteries of Pittsburgh script review on film ick a few days back, dont'cha know) the title was axed for being too extreme.

Er... okay. Foru already solicited issues will now not ship, and presumably the whole thing will be swept under the carpet.

Now, what are the odds on Pegg actually starring in a film or TV adaptation? Getting longer all the time, I'd guess, but If he brings his mate Edgar along to cowrite and direct, I'm definitely in.


Rich D said...

Do editors work in a vacuum? Did the Eic at Wildstorm/DC have no idea what was going on with the title? I tend to doubt it, so why are folks within the company suddenly surprised that the book had some rather extreme language and situations.

It's Garth Ennis fer cryin' out loud.

Mark said...

I'd like to think it was the hamster emerging from the dead superhero's arse in the last issue that did it.