Thursday, January 11, 2007

Cabin Fever Sequel Details

The sequel to Cabin Fever is on it's way, of course, but this time without Eli Roth's directorial hand - he's far too busy with Hostel 2, Hostel 3, Cell and some other, as yet secret, stuff, and as I understand it, this sequel is moving ahead without any real contribution on his part.

It seems that the new Cabin Fever will be subtitled Spring Fever. This was also the name of a Harold Lloyd film, though I doubt the two will have much in common at all. Little is known about the plot, though it's clearly in the vein of the first, with good-looking teen protagonists, a flesh eating virus and wanton acts of violence. Look for this one to be set during spring break, however - hence the title. As was reported late last year, Ti West has written the script and will direct with principal photography imminent.

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