Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Equalizer

Paul McGuigan's Equalizer film appears to be happening after all. Shame, because he's not such a talented director and the TV series was goofy at best. Variety have named Michael Connelly and Terrill Lee Lankford as the writers curently on the job.

McGuigan and I had a bit of a run in at an early screening of Lucky Number Slevin. He didn't like having his work criticised, however constructively. On those grounds alone he could have had a run in with a considerable chunk of the film's audience.

Edward Woodward, the original TV Equalizer, is to be next seen in Hot Fuzz - in just a few weeks in the UK, few months in the US. Who on earth will McGuigan end up casting? Bruce Willis is probably pretty high on his list, but I can't imagine him wanting to do another one of these.

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