Thursday, January 25, 2007

Cars Special Edition DVD On June 5?

It seems that the oft-rumoured but never-confirmed special edition 2 Disc DVD of Pixar's Cars is due to hit R1 on June 5 - at least according to a (necessarily anonymous) Pixar loving chum of film ick.

Of course, this isn't too far ahead of the release of
Ratatouille. Expect the worldwide roll-out to be synched, more or less, with the funny rat's bow in each of the territories.

Sometime in the fall, the Pixars Shorts DVD Collection will hit American stores and most likely be a best seller all the way to Christmas. Coming after Ratatouille's cinema run as it will, I hope we can expect this disc to carry Lifted, Pixar's nominee in the Best Animated Short category at the Oscars this year.


Anonymous said...

I might have to buy this unless the region 2 comes with a Clarkson-free audio track.

Brendon said...

Clarkson. Clarkson Clarkson Clarkson.

Yes, I wish for a Clarkson-free track too.