Friday, January 19, 2007

Dali And Disney's Destino At Tate Modern

I found this on the BBC website and I thought it may be of interest.

The short Salvador Dali and Walt Disney collaboration, Destino will form part of a Tate Modern exhibition about Dali's fascination with movies. Dali & Film will run at the London gallery from 1 June to 9 September - plenty of time to see it.

Dali worked on Destino between 1945 and 1946, but money ran out before it was completed. The six-minute film was eventually finished in 2003 by a team headed up by Roy Disney.

Amazingly this is the first time Destino will be screened in the UK. It has been very well received elsewhere, winning awards and being nominated for an Oscar in 2003. I certainly hope to pop down and have a glimpse of Dali and Disney's vision.

[EDIT: Big day for Dali news, what with this and the announcement that Al Pacino will be playing the artist in Andrew Niccol's next film. Should you have not seen the original item, here's a reminder that Destino is headed to DVD]

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Anonymous said...

I saw this film a couple years ago in the states. It played before the triplets of belleville. Beautiful film. Lovely work. I want a DVD, one of the best projects Disney has ever made.