Saturday, January 27, 2007

Details: Gilliam Has Completed His Latest Script, Now Securing Funding

Earlier this week, Terry Gilliam presented his latest, Tideland (number one in film ick's films of 2006 and released on a glowingly well-reviewed R2 2-disc DVD this very Monday) to an audience at Hatfield's University of Hertfordshire (my old alma mater). After the screening, Gilliam took part in a typically riveting-yet-irreverent Q&A session, the most interesting nugget from which - as reported in This is Hertfordshire - is that Gilliam has recently completed a new script, and is planning to get it into production as soon as possible. Hurrah!

The script was co-written with Charles McKeown, one of Gilliam's collaborators on the scrrenplays for Brazil and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. Going on previous comments, as reported here at film ick, the film would seem to have a lot in common with the Baron's tale, telling as it does the story af an immortal storyteller finding that today, his brand of fantasy isn't widely accepted any longer.

Sounds somewhat autobiographical too.

If all of Gilliam's recent comments on how he is going to approach future projects apply here, we can expect the film to be budgeted at around $20 million, use Dave McKean-inspired CG imagery, tread fearlessly into controverial subject matters, be shot in the UK and definitely not feature Johnny Depp.

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