Thursday, January 11, 2007

From Naked Man To Drive Away Dykes

Ethan Coen is sticking his neck out of the roost again to write another film without Joel. Last time he did this, I believe, the result was The Naked Man, directed by regular Coen storyboard man and prince stand-in, J. Todd Anderson. It was okay... just okay.

Courtesy of Jo Blo, I've been to the temporary site for Drive Away Dykes, a film Coen is co-writing and producing and Allison Anders will direct. Tricia Cooke - Mrs. Ethan Coen - is his cowriter on this project and, according to the basic listings given, the film is to star Holly Hunter and Selma Blair. You can also see some rough-n-ready storyboard sketches on the site, such as the example I've popped up top.

This film honestly sounds like another Grind House chapter, and I'm actually a little disappointed it isn't being paired up with another film and some fake trailers, a la Death Proof or Planet Terror. Anders was one of the Four Rooms directors, I'm sure you recall, so might I suggest the other member of that quartet, Alexandre Rockwell, be given his first film in four years just as long as he makes it nice and sleazy too.

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