Thursday, January 04, 2007

Gary Koepke Makes Windows In The Skies For U2

The new U2 video is going to generate a lot of chatter, I think. Directed by Gary Koepke, the central idea is very close to something I dreamt up some time ago - but, to Gary's credit, there's some extra stuff in there too.

To his debit, as it were, this extra stuff isn't so hot.

I wish the first shot that gets the ball rolling, as it were, matched better - to sell an idea as odd and counter-instinctive as this one, you need to start with something very clear and acceptable - but the video does right itself before long and contains some lovely, lovely moments.

You can see this video, for Windows in the Skies, on The Mill's Beam TV. As their site is so flash-dependant, I'm afraid that I can't provide a direct link.

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