Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Golden Globes 2007

Everybody is covering the Golden Globes today, and there's even the official site to take the results from 'neat', without editorialising, so there's not much I can really offer on the subject. Just quickly, though, and in case even one if you happened to be wondering, here are two lists culled from the results: one list of outcomes that I am pleased with and another of those that I don't find right at all. The middling ones, those results don't much bother me either way, I won't include.

Okay. Those I'm happy with:

Helen Mirren (for The Queen, in this case). Sacha Baron Cohen. Cars. Peter Morgan. Hugh Laurie. America Ferrera.

And those that strike me as being rather daft:

Babel. Eddie Murphy. Letters from Iwo Jima. Martin Scorsese. Grey's Anatomy. Ugly Betty.

Your equivalent lists would be of much interest.

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Hog said...

Forrest Whitaker in the Last King of Scotland is probably the most entertaining thing I have seen in a film so far this year - and if it keeps Di Caprio away from getting awards, then that solidifies my approval!

Little Miss Sunshine was robbed.