Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Full English

David Hewlett's A Dog's Breakfast will be screening in the UK on the 1st of February. Tickets go on sale from 8pm tonight, but there's only 120 of them so be wicked quick. I'm never lucky with these speed-booking exercises, so hopefully I'll squeeze in as a member of the press... maybe.. hopefully... even though I've got some serious dental work scheduled for earlier that day, I'd happily dose myself up for a chance to see this one. Simply put, it looks superb.

The film screens at 6.30 sharp with a Q&A afterwards. David, his sister Kate, John Lenic and Jane Loughman will all be present.

As a footnote: Hewlett's TV show Starcrossed has been comissioned by The Sci-Fi Channel. This was the show, I believe, that David teasingly mentioned in his exclusive interview here at film ick last week.

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Anonymous said...

Nope. Didn't make it. Was complacent and thought I had more than TWENTY MINUTES (!). But I didn't.

It sold out! What am I to do now?