Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hot Fuzz Chat - Part Two

Let me try and pick up just where we left off last time.

mrrenton asked "What sitcoms do you watch, if any? Peep Show? Boosh?"; Simon replied "I only watch Location, Location, Location".

Rachel asked " To all three of you - what's your favourite action movie cliche?"; Edgar replied "I'm always a sucker for an unlimited amount of ammo being fired".

Tobes asked " In a fight, who would win. But more importantly, what gladatorial weapons would you choose?"; Simon replied "Nick is a very powerful fighter but he has a valve in his ankle which when prised open released lava and he will die".

delirious100 asked "Best action one liner?"; Edgar replied "The Dead Pool -I just read your fortune cookie. It says you're shit out of luck".

holden4banky asked Simon "after Derren Brown hypnotised you, do you still want and love that red BMX bike?"; Simon replied "I gave it to a children's hospital".

The_Fuzz asked "Who would win a fight between Stallone and Swarzenegger?"; Edgar replied "Stallone would win on his recent Rocky Balboa form".

charliecoombes asked "fruit pastilles or wine gums?"; Nick replied "definitely pastilles".

Daniel Burk asked "I have the impression you guys plan to stick to films for a while, which is more than enough to make me happy, but would you ever consider producing something together for television again?"; Edgar replied "we would never rule out doing more TV".

mrrenton asked "What are your favourite albums?"; Simon replied "Reading, Writing and Arithmetic by The Sundays"; Edgar replied "my favourite album is Orange by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion".

PC24386 asked " Is the name of the Police Force (Sandford) an In-joke for current Police Officers?"; Nick replied "yeah, absolutely".

Weezy asked "If SOTD is a zom rom com, how would you describe Hot Fuzz?"; Simon replied "Hot Fuzz is a hot cop romp".

Goldfish asked "Is it true that Simon and Nick are dubbed the next 007?"; Edgar replied "Simon and Nick are the new Terence Hill and Bud Spencer".

Gavin said "Simon, its my birthday today! (19 woo!) Can you wish me and my bro (twins) happy birthday ;) . thanks!"; Simon responded "Happy birthday to you and your twin brother. Hope you've had a lovely day".

elliot 2005 asked "How long have all you guys been friends?"; Nick replied "Simon and I have been friends for 14 years and Edgar and I have known each other for 8 years".

LV asked Edgar "who was the most annoying to direct? Simon or Nick?"; Edgar replied "neither Simon or Nick are annoying to direct, except when they get the giggles".

And now we'll take another break. More soon.

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