Monday, January 29, 2007

Hot Fuzz Webchat Deciphered Part One

The Hot Fuzz webchat took place tonight. Instead of posting a straight transcript - the flow of question and answers was as tangled as any webchat - I'm going to give you a version that pair squestions with answers. This is only the first chapter: there's at least two more to come. Enjoy.

zombieluva asked "Are you tempted to do a sequel to Shaun?"; Simon replied "oviously the temptation is there but I think it's best to leave it alone".

fletch asked "Van der Valk or Columbo and why?"; Edgar replied "Columbo, we like his mac, although Van der Valk had a cool soundtrack".

JessicaDwyer asked "Are we going to see any nods to The Wicker Man since Edward Woodward is in the film?"; Edgar replied "Edward's very presence in the film is a huge nod and there are willful similarities in the story here and there".

The Fuzz asked "Who was the most interesting person to work with on the set of Hot Fuzz?"' Nick replied "Ed Woodward and Billy [Billie Whitelaw] because they would happily spend hours regaling us all with stories of the Wicker Man and Omen".

The Fuzz then asked "Nick, what was your favourite thing whilst being on the set of Hot Fuzz?"; Nick replied "Without a doubt firing a m***ive shotgun a lot".

shanedillon asked "Is it true you are both big fans of Brokeback Mountain?"; Simon replied "Brokeback Mountain is a great film but I don't have any posters on the wall of my tent".

Ewiggy asked "Nick, do muscle boys still dominate in Hot Fuzz?"; Nick replied "n the true spirit of trade, muscle boys do indeed dominate"

Mad Monkey asked "What's you favourite movie reference that you have written into HF?"; Edgar replied "Point Break fans will not be disappointed".

Flygirl asked "Did you get many injuries on set and where?"; Simon replied "There were many injuries on set".

pigmisser asked " You've done romance, horror and action any chance of a sci-fi or does that not float your boat?"; Simon replied "but you never know!" - film ick does: a sci-fi film is apparently on the cards, though not for some time yet.

Padi1981 asked "was it harder to shoot action scenes rather than horror? and, of course, was it funnier?"; Edgar replied "it was just as hard shooting actions scenes as it was horror scenes, perhaps even tougher".

Jon 79 asked "Hi guys...You said you'd make a 3rd film together... any clues as to the style/genre of this yet?"; Edgar replied "We've got no kind of clues as to what the 3rd genre may be". See above.

Village Person asked "Do you think Hot Fuzz portrays an unfairly negative image of rural village life in England?"; Edgar replied "rural village life looks absolutely lovely in Hot Fuzz, however, an awful lot of shit does go down".

mrhahn asked Edgar "has simon changed since working with tom "***tail" cruise in M:I 3?"; Edgar replied "Simon has changed a lot since Mission Impossible 3, he is now completely free of thetans".

Trucast asked "Who's idea was it to post blogs throughout shooting? And which blog did you enjoy filming the most?"; Simon replied "It was Universal's idea to shoot the blog and our favourite one is the Work Out blog".

eapoc asked "What was your favourite scene to act in for Hot Fuzz and can you tell us something about it?"; Nick replied "The candlelit rimming sequence".

thirtyhelens asked "Besides Pegg and Frost (clearly), name your ideal action duo. (Example: for me it'd be McQueen and Eastwood)"; Simon replied "Starsky and Hooch"; Nick later replied "Al Pacino in Heat, Will Smith in Bad Boys 2".

Tom asked "Will you be making anything that isnt a comedy in the not to distant future or are you hoping to do comedy forever??"; Edgar replied "Yes I am about to embark on making ICE AGE 3: AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH. It's very serious".

cp2984 asked " what's the writing process for the film?"; Edgar replied "the writing process is a marathon of watching films, drinking coffee, writing shit loads of index cards and interviewing every known policeman in the UK. It took us 18 months".

Rocktzar asked " My question, is If you had a "get out of jail free" card, what would you do?"; Simon replied "Rockstzar - Thanks for the hug" and the world scratched their heads in unison.

BoiledGold asked "Dolph Lundgren VS Stephen Seagal, who'd win in a fight to the death?"; Edgar replied "Drago would win. Seagal is paunchy".

mrhahn asked Simon "In this movie are you the Murtaugh or Riggs of the double act?"; Simon replied "I'm a cross between Riggs and Murtaugh. Kind of like Miggs but not that man in Silence of the Lambs" and later continued "..the one who throws his jizz at the bird out of Contact..."

ground047 asked "Who looks best out of their uniform?"; Simon replied "I do"; then Nick replied "I do" too.

Korpritpunk asked "Is there a good pub in the movie?"; Edgar replied "there are two, the Crown in Wells, Somerset and the Royal Standard in Beaconsfield, Berkshire".

Jayster asked "What is your favorite curse, rude remark or swear?"; Nick (who else?) replied "Got to be c**t".

Gary asked "Simon & Nick you have a great chemistry and the friendship vibes are all around you but have you ever had a big fight or wanted to punch each other......tell the truth now"; Simon replied "No. I've wanted to punch myself".

barnabybrogue asked "You went on ridealongs in Glastonbury and Brixton as research, how did the two contrast? Did things ever get hairy? Tear gas some grannies at a jumble sale, that kind of thing?"; Edgar replied "The Brixton ridealong was quite, quite scary actually. The Somerset one was fun - zooming down country lanes at 80mph"

Verbalic asked " Nick, did you get to keep any of the boots from the set of Kinky Boots?"; Simon replied "That would be great".

Pigmisser asked "As far as my friends and myself are concerned you three make up the Holy Trinity of comedy at the moment (really). with each series or film do you feel the pressure to be better or is it a matter of enjoying yourselfs and hopefully other poeple will?"; Simon replied "Definitely the latter".

Weezy asked "Hey Guys. Huge fan. Do you prefer policeman or zombies?"; Edgar replied "Not sure, but we don't really care for the Zombie cops in Dead Heat".

Gabriella asked "Hi guys, I need some advice: I'm going to a school disco theme club tonight...should I wear black tights or fishnets?"; Edgar replied "Fishnets".

albino_ewok asked "Man on Fire, Crimson Tide or Deja Vu?"; Edgar replied "Man on Fire".

BoiledGold said "This had to be asked, describe yourselves in two words"; Nick replied "massive c**t".

SarahBob asked "Is there going to be a love interest in Hot Fuzz, or is there just no time for that BS in an action film?"; Simon replied "There's a very sweet romance in Hot Fuzz..."

Llama asked " Do you think Hot Fuzz would make a good date movie?"; Simon replied "Very much so".

Ann said "I just wanted to say Hot Fuzz is THE movie event I'm looking forward to for 2007, and what's next? Or can you even think of that right now?"; Simon said "Too soon to think about that".

Webakin asked "What's the soundtrack going to be like for Hot Fuzz?"; Edgar replied "Hot Fuzz has an awesome OST: David Arnold, Supergrass, Jon Spencer, The Sweet, T Rex, XTC and much much more".

Fried_Gold asked "Who is the most professional while on set, Simon or Edgar?"; Simon replied "We try to set the standard for each other".

GoldFish asked "Whats the best biscuit for a nice cup of tea?"; Nick replied "I know it sounds boring , but you can't beat a nice digestive".

And that's it for now, the RSI is setting in. There's plenty more to come including, quite honestly, most of the best stuff. Stay tuned...

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