Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Hott Fuzztival

If you want to see Hot Fuzz slightly before most folk (but a long time before the US) and would like an added Q&A with Simon, Edgar and other associated Fuzz folk, then the ICA are your new best friend.

Tickets are available by phone now, by online purchase shortly and probably won't last long. Rich Johnston, are you reading this? Two please.

There's also a two-week Hot Fuzztival on the cards, in which a number of big action films and cop thrillers will be paraded across the ICA's humble screens, including a Point Break and Bad Boys 2 double bill - and as a 'special' attraction, this season will also include a Tony Scott Q&A. Sharpen your questions now.

That Tony Scott, eh? Just yesterday he was describe to me as 'the last of a rare breed' and 'an artist... channelling a great deal of personal vision". Not the typical appraisal of his work, is it?

[EDIT: Reportedly, tickets are not on sale until this Wednesday, 10th January]

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Mark said...

Much of Tony Scott's output is junk. But it's always very well photographed junk. After seeing his MAN ON FIRE the same night I sucuumbed and saw the dire THE PUNISHER, my first thought was how entertaining a Tony Scott superhero movie could be.