Saturday, January 06, 2007

Michel Gondry To Direct Debbie Harry Biopic

Yet again, Kirsten Dunst has let a closely guarded secret out of her loose lips. In an interview with the New Zealand website Stuff, she has announced an upcoming project with Michel Gondry. She lets on that the film is "about somebody who everybody knows, but I can't say who it is" and then admits that this person is a "well-known singer".

This chimes perfectly with the bits and pieces I have picked up about the potential Debbie Harry biopic - but I simply didn't know that Michel was directing. Now I do, then, yes, maybe, I can see a reason to be very excited about this film.

[EDIT: A 50 minute video of Michel Gondry and Robert Stickgold discussing film making, dreams and the scientific method is online. This would make for a perfect supplement to the Science of Sleep DVD]

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