Friday, January 05, 2007

Madness At Latino Review

Thanks to a link at Jo Blo, I have just finished reading a script review of Guillermo del Toro's At The Mountains of Madness on the Latino Review site. Like (almost?) every script review El Mayimbe ever posts there, this is very positive, though this one may in fact be amongst the very most positive of all.

I recall their droolingly eulogistic Halo script review almost as fondly as I do laughing at the terrible halo script itself (thankfully, Alex Garland left the project and was replaced by D B Weiss- so who knows what we'll actually end up with?). El Mayimbe certainly likes to hype things up a little.

Does anybody out there have the inside knowledge necessary to lift the lid on this character? Is he an agent hyping scripts by his clients? Or just a very excitable chap? And how exactly does he get his hands on all of these scripts?


Don Murphy said...

He is a fat spanish guy from NY who likes everything I give him.

Brendon said...

Any chance of chucking me something I might like, Don?

Don Murphy said...

it involves asking

Brendon said...

Okay, Mr. Murphy. Please may I read the At the Mountains... script?

And, please, Don if you have anything - and I mean anything - related to Spider-Man 3, by some odd twist of fate, I'd love to have a look at that too, if I may.