Sunday, January 28, 2007

More Larry Sanders On DVD

Criminally, the only Larry Sanders DVD so far available has been a best of compilation, I handful episodes from here, there and everywhere throughout the series' history. Wouldn't it be nice if more episodes were released? Perhaps full season sets?

[EDIT: Of course, there was a Season One set. I've even held it in my hands, Thanks to Mart for reminding me]

There's good news and bad news. Garry Shandling is interviewed in the New York Times today, and he reveals that a 4-disc set of Larry Sanders episodes is due for R1 release on April 17.

Again, the episodes will be pulled from all over the six seasons but thankfully, there's at least going to be 23 of them.

And extra features too: plenty of behind the scenes footage, some of it painfully candid; interviews; alternate takes and in-show interviews; a cast reunion; deleted and extended scenes; a making-of documentary. Apparently no commentaries, however.

The set is to be called Not Just the Best of The Larry Sanders Show, which suggests that, maybe, there will be some cross over with the previous set - with 89 epsiodes in total, we're being severely shortchanged either way. Reading the Times' piece, it is sadly quite clear that this will be the last release... for the forseeable future, at least. Can't they at least give us vanilla season sets too?

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Rich D said...

As long as it includes the "Hank's Orange Juice Commercial" episode. Greatest episode-closing line in the entire series.