Monday, January 29, 2007

Mac And PC UK

The UK versions of those I'm-a-Mac-and-I'm-a-PC ads are now available for viewing on Apple's website. They've been recast, with David Mitchell as the PC and Robert Webb as the Mac.

Awful casting, really, I think, as people seem to prefer Mitchell over Webb, generally speaking. Not sure why, necessarily, but they really do appear to. And you definitely couldn't invert the casting either.

Ah well. I dare say we'd soon all be sick of the darn things no matter who was in them.

Now... Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Webb... where's this Magicians trailer...?


Sarah Dobbs said...

Ha, I just blogged about this this morning, too.

But in the original ads, Justin Long was no-one's favourite, surely?

Brajeshwar said...

Hey, the link is wrongly hyperlinked.