Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Next Stop, The Imagination Train Station

The MySpace page for Tracy is up now. The film is a documentary about Tracy Knapp, icon of 1970s children's TV, star of Imagination Train Station. Of course, the somewhat predictable catch is that, once again, this isn't a real documentary, it's all faked and played for laughs - but in the Spinal Tap sense, not the Borat one.

So, another low-budget mockumentary, another film with little or no pre-installed marketing or distribution reach, another film you may well never get to see - but I just couldn't help but alert you to this one because the clips, viewable on the film's MySpace page, are actually genuinely funny. That doesn't happen every day.

Of course, looking through the MySpace profile closely - including the friends who have already been added - it doesn't take too many trips to imdb and Google before the film's Pixar pedigree starts to come clear...

As a matter of fact, the film's director doesn't even have Tracy listed on his imdb page, though Cars is there, and it's spin-off short, Mater and the Ghost Light. I'll let you do the detective work yourself as he may not want the connection made explicit, and his Pixar portfolio to become an albatross.

So, the long and the short of it is that even though Tracy appears to be very funny indeed and has a proven cast and crew with wonderful resumes, it may not be that widely seen at all. Maybe you can lend them a hand and 'friend' them at MySpace? I'd love to see Tracy get somewhere.

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