Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Joss Whedon's New Directing Gig

It was just last week that I was defending the American version of The Office in the pub - I bet that doesn't happen every day, at least not in a 'real' pub in England - and now Joss Whedon comes out and confirms he'll be directing an episode.

If you wade through the discussion on the man's message board, you might miss his brief comment: " Yes, people, it's true. I am the ideal mate."

I think the episodes I saw from the second series of The Office: An American Workplace were much, much better than anything in the UK series, and it goes without saying that Steve Carell is a hugely more talented performer than Ricky Gervais. I've yet to see a single frame of the third year's episodes - how are they?


Rich said...


What? They do it over on AintItCool...

Brendon said...

And they do some other odd things too. What is that about 'Gotta Eat'? Can anybody explain that.

I have to thank Rich. He found this story.

Adam said...

TalkBackers suppose that catchphrases are funny.
They aren't.
It's why Saturday Night Live hasn't been consistently funny almost two decades.

Mark said...

Is the stuff going out on ITV2 on sunday nights the third season? 'Cus if it is, it's great stuff. The late night double bill with the guilty pleasure ENTOURAGE is one of the highlights of my televisual week.