Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Paulson In The Envelope

The Envelope have a nice interview with Sarah Paulson of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. The first I knew Paulson was in the show was when she received her Golden Globe nomination - but as soon as I did know she was onboard, I at last allowed myself to look forward to this show just a little bit after being put off by the over-hype preceding it's launch (does anybody know when it kicks off in the UK?)

Of course, one talented actress alone can't stop a lacklustre show from giving me a draining case of the ho-hums - Ugly Betty being the most recent case in point - but until now, the reputedly self-import Studio 60 had completely failed to entice me. Tell me, those of you who have seen it, what's it like? Really now.

Regarding her nomination, Paulson admits "when I look at that category, I'll be clapping for someone else. And that's really, truly and utterly fine with me. I'm sure if I'd been nominated for 20 other awards in my life, then I'd be like, OK, it's time to pony up, it's time to win."

She's not wrong, you know: the other contenders are Toni Collette, Katherine Heigl, Emily Blunt and Elizabeth Perkins.

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Anonymous said...

Tell me, those of you who have seen it, what's it like? Really now.

It has some flaws, but it's a damn sight better than pretty much any UK programmes right now (until Life on Mars returns). But the best thing to do is to watch it and make up your own mind. S60 has had some terrible press in the US, but that seems mostly due to a) the ratings drop off because it's on after 10pm and b) lots of reviewers weren't hooked by the first episode and never bothered to actually watch the programme after that.

When you add in the number of people who record it and watch it later, the audience is actually fairly healthy and all the reviewers who missed everything after the pilot but watched the Christmas episode suddenly started raving about how good it was.

Don't fall into the trap of believing everything that's written about it. There are a very talented bunch of actors here and the writing is excellent.