Monday, January 01, 2007

Uprising Update And More Myers

The New York Times have run a piece on Mike Myer's upcoming films - and we're not talking Halloween. 1: Yet another vehicle for a Myers-created comedy character - this time, a love guru - that seems set to be a franchise launchpad; 2: A Keith Moon biopic, scripted by the Pulitzer winning playwright David Margulies; 3: A sci-fi comedy derived from jokey guide book How To Survive a Robot Uprising.

I told you about the latter in a previous post, where you can also see a video presentation by the author of the Robot Uprising book, Daniel H. Wilson. At the time, of course, I hadn't seen Night at the Museum, which shares a screenwriting duo with this new project - Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant - but now that I have seen Night, I'm happier than ever that Myers will be rewriting, rewriting and rewriting the script himself before it goes into production.

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