Sunday, January 21, 2007

What's Different In The Spider-Man 2 Special Edition?

When the Spider-Man 2 special edition comes to DVD - I already speculated that this would be in April, though nothing has been officially announced yet - there will be a whole raft of new material, recut scenes and alternate takes. 'Webhead' has been able to compile all of the differences and sent them to film ick.

Peter's Birthday Party is slightly extended.

Peter and Mary Jane's backyard conversation is slightly extended.

Spider-Man's awkward converation in the elevator is now made up from completely different takes.

Mary Jane and Louise's conversation in the shoe store is a new addition.

Peter's visit to the campus doctor is slightly extended.

Jameson is seen trying on the Spider-Man suit.

The Battle between Doc Ock and Spider-Man after the bank robbery has a new scene added - a fight in an office.

The train sequence has a small addition during Doc Ock and Spider-Man battle on top of the train.

All of this adds up to around 8 minutes of additional footage.
It's not yet clear which new extras will be on this DVD release, but something tells me they'll add up to one of the best, most satisfying double dips yet.

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Logan said...

This edition will be avaible in ZONE 2 ?
It'll be cool ^^