Monday, January 22, 2007

Who Will Save The Green Planet?

According to Latino Review, M. Night Shyamalan has been touting a new spec script about town and it is called The Green Planet. They make some fuss over the fact that one go-around later, the script is still unsold, insinuating this marks a serious decline in Shyamalan's career.

Of course, all it marks is the cool attitudes of the studios who don't want to be seen jumping onto bed with him right now. The Lady in the Water certainly had a troubled and controversial history, but memories of this will fade. A few more months and somebody else will be the figure it's fashinonable to deride and show the cold shoulder to.

There's a couple of odd - perhaps ignorant - things in the Latino Review piece. Firstly, they don't mention Shyamalan's upcoming Avatar: The Last Airbender movie(s), which we pretty much know to be his next project; secondly, there's no mention of Warner Bros. apparent deal with him for one more movie of his own chosing, either.

Announce a studio to buy The Green Planet any day now and the news to be on Variety before we know it. In the meantime, let me speculate wildly that this script is for, in fact, an intended remake of the Jwoon-Hwan Jang's Save the Green Planet - a film that I'm quite sure Shyamalan would love.

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Logan said...

I did'nt like the original movie !