Sunday, February 18, 2007

Ant Hines And Peter Baynham

David Poland's video lunches over at iKlipz have suddenly become a whole lot more interesting.

This week he's sitting down with Ant Hines and Peter Baynham, two of the writerly brains behind Borat, and on the verge of Oscar torment as a result.

If you've been following British comedy closely over the last decade or so this pair probably won you over some years back - particularly Baynham who played a memorable part in any number of classics: Fist of Fun, The Chris Morris Music Show, The Friday/Saturday/Election Night Armistice, Brass Eye. Most of those are probably lost forever now, but Brass Eye is available on DVD and if you haven't seen it but enjoyed Borat's taboo-skewering satire, you really need to check it out. It's 'the next level' and, I honestly believe, one of the very few most important TV shows of all time.


Anonymous said...

You're not wrong there about Brass Eye! Anyone who doesn't appreciate the warped genius of that show must be quadraspazzed on a life-glug.

"No thanks, I don't use the horse."

Peter Baynham is a brilliant writer too, nice to see he's still working. Was not aware he had a hand in writing Borat.

That Chris Morris Music Show you mention, it's not also called Blue Jam by any chance is it? That was what it was called in Ireland anyway, and the tv spin-off 'Jam' was about the freakiest (and frequently funniest) thing you could see late at night.

The world of comedy terrorists just isn't the same without Morris. His stint on The IT Crowd was fairly pointless too.

Brendon said...

Morris's stint on The IT Crowd was only marginally less pointless than Nathan Barley.

The Chris Morris Music Show preceded Blue Jam and actually featured Morris playing records inbetween bullying Baynham and upsetting the moral majority.