Sunday, February 18, 2007

Guild Gongs Gilliam

At the Art Director's Guild Excellence in Production Design Awards last night, Terry Gilliam was granted the special prize for Outstanding Contribution to Cinematic Imagery. They're not wrong.

In his acceptance speach Gilliam commented on the great production designers of the last century plus. "
The worlds they created were so wondrous. Not so many people are allowed to do that now, to create worlds so magical. I'm one of the lucky ones to slip through the net and do it."

"I'm still trying to make movies that don't depend on the computer to do it. The digital world that I have are these digits [holding up his hand] that make things and build things. Let's keep doing great work."

Tideland, sadly, won nothing in the year's best categories, however, losing out to Casino Royale in Best Contemporary Production Design and, I suppose, Pan's Labyrinth in Best Fantasy Production Design.

Onetime Gilliam collaborator Jeffrey Beescroft (see: Twelve Monkeys) did win Best Production Design in a Commercial, Promo or PSA for his work on the Victoria's Secret (What Is) Sexy spots.

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