Saturday, February 03, 2007

Bill Murray Being Antisocial Again?

Dan Aykroyd has been promising a 3rd Ghostbusters film since... well, since before Ghostbusters 2. According to the man himself, interviewed by Mike Maguire on CISNFM, he's soon to get his way.

But how? Surely Bill Murray would never spend all of that time hanging out with all of those people all over again? He won't have to. The film is now being planned as a CG cartoon, with Murray already having agreed to record Venkman's voice. That way, he can do his work in a little booth, collect a cheque and leave the rest of them to get on with it. Sigh.

The plot is just the same as we heard it would be in countless previous Aykroyd interviews: the Ghostbusters invent a reality-phase-shifter and slip into a parallel universe version of New York - but not just any parallel universe, mind. The one we think of as Hell.

If you visit the radio station's site, part 2 of the interview is the piece regarding this news. Nothing on Ben Stiller, Will Farrell, Vince Vaughn or any of the rumoured new-additions.


Anonymous said...

According to Ivan Reitman's son, director Jason Reitman in Ignore Magazine, his dad won't be directing. Does Aykroyd plan on taking a break hosting that UFO show (blech) to get behind the animation-cam? Smells like disaster to this old fan.

Brendon said...

I expect a TV animation director will get the gig.

Anonymous said...

I always thought if they did ghostbusters again they should mix in some Reno 911.