Saturday, February 03, 2007

No Whedon Wonder Woman

Everybody has reported this by now, but incase you are a loyal film ick reader that doesn't much bother with other movie sites and blogs (hi, Mom!) here's a bitter mouthful of bad news.

Warner Bros. Wonder Woman film is no longer to be written, nor directed, by Joss Whedon. Not so bad for Joss, but very bad for Wonder Woman.

He broke the news on his blog in typical Whedonesque manner.

In the Bizarro-version of this same news story, David Goyer has announced that he will no longer be involved with a movie of The Flash. Not so bad for anyone, surely? Casting Jack Black as the Green Lantern (remember that project?) makes more sense than paying Goyer to write and direct anything, if you ask me.


Don Murphy said...

you don't like Dark City or Blade or Batman Begins?

Brendon said...

I really don't like Batman Begins or Blade. At all.

Blade 2 I love - love - but nothing of that comes from Goyer. Dark City, too, is a film I can really get behind, but as far as I can tell, none of Goyer's contributions strengthened it as much as weakened it.

Don Murphy said...

so the screenplays for those film were written by ghosts?

Brendon said...

Lem Dobbs must not be forgotten. But I can appreciate a film in a non-textual way. There's more to a film than it's screenplay.

For example: what makes Blade 2 work is Guillermo's direction. If he applied his craft and skills to any other equally banal action-horror script we would have seen similarly excellent results. The mise en scene in Blade 2 owes nothing to Goyer, and yet it is the principal reason the film shines.

And just to be clear, Batman Begins is a ridiculous juvenile fantasy that, frankly, left me embarrassed to be watching it.