Monday, February 12, 2007

Full Time At The Bafta Bash

What to say about the second half of tonight's Bafta film awards telecast?


At least Dayton and Faris were nominated, even though they didn't win.

On the night Anne V Coates was honoured, editing was relegated to an off-screen award; much of the Anne Coates tribute reel was made up of non-consecutive shots, so showed nothing of her work in montage; many of the shots in Nick Daubeny's tribute were not location shots at all, many more didn't show the location they were in.

Loved Stephen Frears' joke, but not as much as his shoes.

Have no idea why Jennifer Hudson won at all.

Helen Miren shouldn't have been harrangued backstage, it was clearly going to go nowhere. She was caught in her grief for a friend and it seemed just stupid and crass to intrude.

Confused how Last King of Scotland was a better British film than The Queen, recognised later as a better film irrespective of nationality. Perfect illumination of what awards shows are really about and how they really work.

I'd say that while Mr. Ross did an okay hosting job he's typically much better.

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