Sunday, February 11, 2007

Half Time Oranges At The Baftas

The BAFTA ceremony is on hold for twenty minutes of news and about seven hundred man hours of urination, so I thought: well, why not blog a little on part one.

Well, so far I was disappointed by Andrea Arnold not thanking Lars von Trier; for Happy Feet beating Cars; for anything beating Children of Men for special effects - and I mean anything. Ever. In the history of film. That it was Pirates 2 just made it even more silly.

I was pleased by Michael Arndt winning for his Little Miss Sunshine screenplay; for Pan's Labyrinth winning Film Not in the English language; for Emanuel Lebezki netting best cinematographer.

The rest? No strong emotions, or divided feelings at least. I'm still hoping that The Departed is shut out and doesn't take a thing, even though my hopes of Babel being cold-shouldered entirely are over.


Anonymous said...

The Departed and Babel were both excellent films so theres no need to be an asshole about it. frankly if you think that they don't deserve to win anything then you must be blind.

Brendon said...

Why am I being an 'asshole' to root for all of the other films at the expense of those two?

Isn't that the point of these shows?

I mean, at least in part.

piercey said...

why the disappointment over the lack of love for Lars Von Trier? from what i understand, his part on Red Road was pretty minimal - it would have been more appropriate to credit co-devisers Anders Thomas Jensen and Lone Sherfig though.

Brendon said...

Lars von Trier's part in devising and instigating the whole Advance Party concept shouldn't be undervalued.

Lone and Anders were perhaps due a nod too, I agree.