Monday, February 12, 2007

Largo Winch Returns

The world first met Largo Winch, born Largo Winczlav, as the hero of novels by jean van Hamme, then comic books by Van Hamme and Phillipee Francq, and then a TV show - which made it all the way to Canada from it's native France - and now he is to be the epnonymous star of a (major?) motion picture.

Directed by Jerome Salle, the Largo Winch movie is expected to enter production in the autumn. The book/comic book/TV series tells stories of how Largo, the adopted son of ultra-rich businessman Nerio, inherits hundreds of billions of dollars in the form of Group W, an unfeasibly massive cluster of multinational business interests, when Nerio commits suicide.

As the stories rolled on, Winch faced a never ending string of threats to his business holdings, all of which he fought off while simultaneously investigating, then ultimately avenging, his adoptive father's suicide which - surprise, surprise - wasn't quite what it at first seemed.

It's woth noting that the comic book series was published in a very nice way, with each story coming in two seperate books: the first would always detail Largo's latest misadventures as they spiralled further and further out of hand, ending with a classic cliffhanger; then part two revealed his inevitably successful cunning escape plan, with the safety of Group W and Largo's dignity both being restored.

Clearly, this film should have been made in the 80s.

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