Monday, February 12, 2007

Mr. Nobody

Jaco van Dormael's debut film Toto the Hero was, and still is, a favourite of mine; his Downs Syndrome love-story follow up The Eighth Day disappointed, perhaps, but it was still pretty strong indeed. Now, over ten years later, van Dormael is readying his third feature film and it's going to be his first made in English (perhaps unsurprisingly in view of the film's reported $39 million budget).

I read that Mr. Nobody is inspired by chaos theory and the so-called Butterfly Effect - though not The Butterfly Effect, I would hope. Not much is yet known about the lead character (perhaps also unsuprisingl in view of the film's title) but according to Variety, he is 35 years old and has four women in his life (A wife? A mistress? A mother? A sister? A woman who comes round to water his plants?) One of these women has been cast, and she's to be played by Sarah Polley. No other actors have been announced as yet.

"Some of" the film takes place in Canada. No idea where "the rest of" the film is set, but most of the 25 week shoot is to take place in Belgium, van Dormael's home and, if you ask me, the strangest, most surprising place on Earth.

If you haven't seen van Dormael's previous films, add them to your Netflix or Lovefilm queue now.


Anonymous said...

I know that the film is also a bit in belgium!!!
I will be an extra so cooooooooool!!!
hope ye are all ok


Anonymous said...

I Know a guy called toby regbo has been cast to play the young nemo

Casey said...

Sarah Polley has said that Jared Leto is co-starring.