Friday, February 23, 2007

Millennial Fail Safe From Frears And Clooney Headed To DVD

In 2000, Stephen Frears directed a live TV remake of Fail Safe. It starred George Clooney, who also produced, and I never got to see it being an Englishter with the bare minimum of channels. Now, though, it's getting a R1 DVD release and I'm looking forward to it all over again.

No special features have been announced and I'd be surprised to see any show up. Asking price is a few cents under twenty bucks, which come June probably won't even be a tenner for me and my countrymen, so I shouldn't complain.

[EDIT: Thanks to Rob, I won't have to wait anything like as long. A R2 disc is available now]


Rob said...

I saw that a few years ago on R2 DVD in HMV.
And have it listed here

No need to wait.

Brendon said...

They snuck it past me.

Rob, you are a star. Off to Play I go.