Friday, February 23, 2007

Neil Jordan To Kill On Carnival Row

I remember when Travis Beacham's script for A Killing on Carnival Row was first sold, and how it sounded like the film might be a tricky one to get right. The plot revolves around a serial killer in a Victorian city where most of the inhabitants are in some way enchanted or tied in to magic, many of them elves, fairies or even vampires. Essentially a rather gothic detective mystery it dripped imagery, but imagery that some well-read fantay fans might find on the border of cliche.

Thankfully, though, New Line have now attached Neil Jordan to the project. Perfect choice - particularly as Jordan is getting to do his own rewrite. He'll bring this to life in a very vibrant, three-dimensional way, I have no doubt. He'll respect both the Victoriana and the occult and fantasy elements, keeping the feeling of everything fresh and idiosyncratic - and he can easily do some very chilling murder set-pieces.

We're on for some very memorable cinema here. I'll be keeping a very close eye on the progress of Killing on Carnival Row from here on out. Wonder who Steven Rea will end up playing?

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