Saturday, February 24, 2007

Synergistic Marketing Ploy Starts A Chain Reaction That May End Up Brining The Time Bandits 2 Mini-Series To The Sci-Fi Channel

How was that for a lumpen headline?
The Sci-Fi Channel and Virgin comics have announced a partnership at NYerdcon. The plan is that they will create a series of comic book properties already primed for TV and cinema continuation, then if the printed-page roadtest works out, get cameras rolling.

There will be at least five titles, and from what we've already learnt about Virgin comics, there's a very good chance Terry Gilliam will be involved; and almost as good a chance that Time Bandits 2 will be one of his projects; and every chance it will end up as a mini-series on Sci-Fi.

It was originally designed as a mini-series for Hallmark, you see. They dropped that ball, the fools.

This is an interesting coupling, and it shouldn't take too much luck for this initiative to birth the next Buffy or Firefly, or at the very least Alias or Lost.

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Mark said...

The Hallmark link-up - lucky escape. Everything they do ends up smelling of Channel 4 daytime X-mas programming.