Friday, February 02, 2007

Trick'r Treat Storyboards And Still Online

This is one of Simeon Wilkins' storyboards for Michael Dougherty's Trick'r Treat and if you click on it, you can make it nice and big.

Over on Simeon's blog, you can see a couple more, and a still too, but click carefully: the combined effect of all these kids in Halloween masks is probably enough to make you run out of the room screaming.

Well, if you're anything like me at all.

I'm thinking, the one in the clown mask is most likely Sam, the child-sized killer that Dougherty first dreamt up in his days in animation and became the seed that germinated into this entire anthology of interlinked horror tales. Sam is the character we're really going to remember from this film, apparently. Sam is the one who'll be stalking our nightmares. Sam wigs me out. Sam is also, apparently, a girl, which would make a nice change.

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