Friday, February 02, 2007

Aaron Eckhart In The Frame For Harvey Dent, Two Face

The self same source that named Rachel McAdams as being involved in The Dark Knight last week has now let me know that Aaron Eckhart is being sized up as Harvey Dent, or Two Face. Indeed, they think he all but has the part and maybe he's just an eyelid flutter away from being officially announced.

I see Latino Review have Echart too - just - but, interestingly, my source's e-mail predates their post. I wonder if we're getting mail from the same tipster?

For the female role, Latino Review have decided to pull for Emily Blunt, a story that started at Cinema Blend. I'm sticking to my McAdams guns because my source seems to be a very good one.

Batman on Film are pushing for McAdams too, and indeed, they have pointed to me as a source for that story while also knocking me for preferrring Burton's films to Nolan's.

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