Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Camp Factor

Simon Cowell's Syco outfit (pun intended, loony trouser fans) are teaming with Shed Productions to make a new 'drama' for ITV. Called Rock Rivals, the show appears to be a fictionalised version of X Factor, centring on the judges and not the contestants. Sounds like the nocturnal emission of malfunctioning ego to me.

Cowell has been quoted by the tabloids and radio news bulletins as comparing the show to Dallas.

There's going to be 8 hours of this dreck in the UK, but when the Americans (read: Fox) inevitably remake it, I predict the axe will swing before the first season is out.

I hope the Simon Cowell character is an out gay man. Because, well, they need to fictionalise something, don't they? Like the 'out' bit.

1 comment:

Mart said...

Can I nominate Tom Cruise for the Cowell role, then? Or is that going too far?