Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Captain America Dead... But For How Long?

Captain America is about to die in the pages of his very own comic book, killed by a sniper. But is he really dead?

Who cares. Dead or not, they'll bring him back. But when? Well, according to the solicitation notes for the title, he'll be stone cold for a year. I spotted that on The Beat and it made me laugh out loud.

Maybe this will generate enough interest in the character that the upcoming film will play to Spider-Man sized crowds rather than, say, Elektra scented empty rooms.

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Mark said...

So Cap loses CIVIL WAR to Iron Man. Iron Man, now with considerably higher profile, is left at centre of the Marvel Universe for the foreseeable. Next Marvel character to hit the cinemas? Iron Man. Cap comes back in around a year, when his movie is considerably closer to the starting blocks.

Coincidence? Nope. Careful planning by the Monolithic Marvel Licensing Company? Yes.