Wednesday, March 07, 2007

ThinkFilm Calling Canadian Tideland DVD A Bust Too

According to an e-mail from ThinkFilm's Senior Vice President, the Canadian release of Tideland uses the same master as theirs. So that one's off the shopping list too. [EDIT: Except, it isn't - he's either lying or giving us bad information by mistake]

Oh dear. He continues to refer to Gilliam's 2.25:1 ratio as 'faux 2.35'. This must be very embarrassing for ThinkFilm. They've made a terrible blunder and are spouting silliness now that they're confronted with it.

[EDIT: There is at least one version of Tideland available in Canada that is in the correct 2.25:1 aspect ratio. This exposes the comments from ThinkFilm as either a lie or completely misinformed. They really need to start checking their facts - that's what got them into this mess in the first place. Todd at Twitch has kindly performed all kinds of analysis on his Candian DVD - which is to say, he got the ruler out - and has been able to approximate a 2.25:1 ratio. There's complications if, in fact, there turns out to be more than one Canadian release, but what are the chances of that happening, eh?]


Anonymous said...

Is that the senior VP of Think Film who has the telephone number (416) 488-0037 ext 224 ?

If it is, he might be getting some calls now.

Anonymous said...

woohoo! so theres still hope for the dvd i ordered off!!!