Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Eli Roth Busy On... Hostel 1

As well as wrapping up post on Hostel 2, Eli Roth is at work on a new DVD of the first Hostel. We all knew it was coming. He promises it will be good, however:

I was putting together a lot elements today for the Hostel special edition DVD. Sony wants to do one and my feeling is I'm all for it, but it has to be great and have so many extras people really feel they got their money's worth and that Sony didn't double dip. It's gonna be awesome.

Something else he says, however, suggests that the making of the second Hostel film wasn't as fun as that of the first. What will this mean for the quality of the film?

...watching all those deleted scenes made me sad. I missed them. I missed filming with them. With Jay and Derek and Eythor and Barbara. There's a lot of great sh*t that got cut for time that I still love. I wish I could shot that film again. It was one of those magical experiences where everything came together. Seems so far from me now. And yet I'm still in it in a weird way. Crazy.

As I understand it, a different cut of the film was planned for a long time but now, it's been relegated to a series of deleted scenes and an alternative ending in isolation. One of the main reasons is the structure of the two films together, with the second film's plot depending quite strongly on how the first film ended.

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