Wednesday, March 21, 2007

An Offer He Cannot Refuse

Zack Snyder knows which part in Watchmen he wants to offer to Gerard Butler. I'm betting blue, bilocated and naked.

Or maybe not.


Mark said...

In my book, Butler could work in three possible casting decisions. Ozy, Manhattan or Nite Owl (if he started packing in the pizzas and ice cream now, to give him a sort of paunchy, washed up Jake Lamotta quality).

Sorry for referencing Scorcese there.

Brendon said...

Yeah, how dare you.

I think Ozymandias is probably the one Snyder has in mind, all joking aside.

Elisabeth said...

Ozy would work, but I'm hoping for Nite Owl myself. I'd love to see Butler play nerdy and self-conscious--and he no longer has the Leonidas abs due to his love of sweets, so I think he'll be perfect.