Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Fangoria's Wild Ride

The latest issue of Fangoria contains a very long, very interesting interview with Quentin Tarantino - is there any other kind?

I've included just a few pages for your delectation here, and like the
Planet Terror pages last month, presented them out of order. Click on them to make them huge.

Also, two pages are missing, so if you want to read every word - and see a rather convincing severed leg gag - you'll have to buy the magazine. And so you should.

I've no idea which chunk of the Death Proof script has been excised in the missing reel. Can anybody confirm?

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Anonymous said...

The lap dance sequence was excised completely. It was discussed and one would believe heading that way but alas, the next scene takes place in the parking lot with McGowan and Russell getting ready for their "ride" together.

Interestingly enough, the scene was shot and is featured in the trailer if you pay close attention.