Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Tanglewood

Here's some vague and wishy washy deductive reasoning for you.

Arnold and Anne Kopelson like the writing of Travis Beacham. They're in charge of his script A Killing on Carnival Row, and are now prepping it for production under director Neil Jordan. We know they like Beacham's writing because they've just shelled out for his new script, The Tanglewood. Again, it's a dark fantasy with quite a high-concept premise - so far secret.

Neil Jordan is being allowed his own rewrite on the Carnival Row project - which suggests, to me at least, that the Kopelsons like Jordan's writing more than Beacham's, or at least want to secure him as a director and will let him tailor the script as he sees fit. This has calmed me entirely regarding Jordan simply being a 'director for hire'.

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