Saturday, March 31, 2007

Give Thanks

Adios Lobo's Kevin Cacy alerted me to this. Eli Roth's Thanksgiving trailer from Grind House in all of its 'glory' is now online at IGN. You can stream it or you can download it (which I'd recommend; it probably won't be around for long). Afterwards, there's a few more glimpses from the A&B pictures, as well as brief flashes of Edgar Wright and Rob Zombie's fake trailers.

[EDIT: We know have a direct download link for the trailer. Right click and Save As]

[EDIT: As the images below show, the trailer has been censored in this download. Has it also been censored to get an R from the MPAA for the theatrical release? I'm betting on Yes, bit hope somebody will confirm for sure on Friday]


Rich D said...

Isn't that the same font as The Rocky Horror Picture Show? :P

Seriously, I can't freakin' wait for this!

Anonymous said...

It IS censored like that per the MPAA's request. Roth talks about it in an interview with (I believe that's the name of the site), saying he likes the change, it looks like an unintentional cut ala the original grindhouse pics. Really good interview.

Also, Thanksgiving would rock as a feature--this trailer has stuck in some pretty bad places of my brain and it's not going to come loose anytime soon, unfortunately. Some things, you just can't unsee.