Friday, March 30, 2007

Tank Girl Film B

There was one scene in Tank Girl that I recognised as genius - set to Portishead's Roads, Lori Petty takes a sand-shower, soothes her aching bones, the giant-type commandments on how she might or might not shower (basically, no water) on the wall. A bunch of other scenes were fair enough, and overall, I enjoyed it enough to be disappointed.

Now, the curtain has been pulled back to reveal the studio's interference in the Tank Girl film Rachel Talalay wanted to make. Over on her official site, she's posted stills and complete deleted scenes - including one with her choice of Tank Girl, Emily Lloyd.

These include: the original opening, the original ending, a dildo-stuffed boudoir, a little bit of post-apocalyptic mutant bestiality, the original song and dance number, Sub Girl coming to the rescue and a longer version of the 'cold room' scene that was drastically cut in the final film.

Essential viewing - but quickly, before it's all pulled in some kind of pointless legal struggle. Thanks to KidKanga for the link.

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