Monday, March 26, 2007

Gondry Speaks, Babelfish Mangles

Courtesy of Babelfish, here are some slightly dubious translations from a Telerama Chat with Michel Gondry. Blondie, The Master of Space and Time, Science of Sleep Film B, Tokyo ... he touches on just about everything we've been curious about over the last few months.

Indeed, I met Debbie Harry and Kirsten, and this project allures me because I have an immense respect for this musician, who had artificial only color of her hair. We are in the search of a scenario writer or coscenarist and develop this project with heat. The paradox of Bleached [Blondie] is that it only represents the American fair diva surfaces some, because at the bottom it is real punk and one of the rare people to have established the link between the punk one and the rap in years hinges in New York.

In connection with Daniel Clowes, we worked on a project which did not succeed, [Master of Space and Time] but I hope well that one will be able to find another of them to collaborate with this brilliant creator.

This version included in the DVD [He's referring to Science of Sleep Film B] is made up exclusively of scenes not used in version A. It more abstract, and is anchored paradoxically in the real life, because one devotes more time to the secondary characters, like that of Alain Chabat or that of Miou-Miou, which plays the mother of Stephan. It is a way of working liberator very, because the principal film is not improved and there is thus any freedom to leave on tangents.

The third realizer of this triptych [Tokyo] is Mr. Bong. I am writing the scenario of my segment, which should be turned to Tokyo in October.

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Ingus said...

These translation are pretty accurate, although there are some "mistakes":
-He says that Blondie represents the blond american diva only on the surface, because she really is a true punk.

-He says that working that way gives a lot of freedom, because you don't alter the main movie, so you can add whatever you want.