Monday, March 26, 2007

Gervais In Ghost Town

Talking to BBC Radio 1, Ricky Gervais let slip some details of the 'romantic comedy fantasy' I told you about in February.

1) It will film in New York from October of this year.

2) The emphasis is apparently on the comedy rather than the romance (read: the romance is redundant, perhaps a cynical, commercial requirment?)

3) The script is the only one Gervais has been sent in five years that he was happy accepting the lead in (read: he's been sent five years worth of absolute rubbish)

4) Gervais described the film as 'twisted' - but I don't know how many big budget films with twisted scripts wound up so, certainly when there's money involved. Fingers crossed, though. What begins twisted should wind up twisted (no pun intedned).

5) And the single most interesting piece of info? That the film is called Ghost Town.

Now, I assume this is the same Ghost Town that Harry Knowles has been producing for the last lord-knows-how-many years. Let's try and get an announcement out of Aint it Cool... I'm about to send Harry a link to this post right now..

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