Monday, March 12, 2007

It's Magic

The unstable-slash-mental trailer for Magicians is finally here. If The Illusionist wasn't quite enough to wash the bad taste of The Prestige out of your mouth, this will do it for sure. This will pick up the Brit-comedy baton just when Hot Fuzz is finally out of steam and zoom us through the summer.

film ick have are a myriad of trailer formats for you to choose from:

Low, Medium and High varieties of WMV; Low, Medium and High varieties of RealVideo; Low, Medium and High varieties of delicious Quicktime. You can right-click any of those to save them, too.

This being directed by Andrew O'Connor, I think there's two things we can be sure of: there will be plenty of real illusions, totally do-able ones that don't depend on cinema trickery; and he won't give away anything that would rankle the Magic Circle.

Will 'suck my wand' become a catch phrase when Magicians is released in May? Blimey... I hope not.

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Jamie said...

Have you actually watched The Prestige yet Brendon? I've yet to see any indication on your blog of you having watched it despite the regular bad-mouthing it gets. I would recommend a viewing.

I would also thoroughly recommend reading the book first. Christopher Priest is one of the unrecognised geniuses of contemporary mind-fuck literature and the original novel is one of his best (though not quite up to the standard of The Affirmation).