Monday, March 12, 2007

Pay After The Movie

A local NBC affiliate have covered the unusual distribution for bona-fide indie Revoloution. The idea is that, essentially, audiences don't pay on the way in but on the way out - and if they don't stay 'til the end and don't want to cough up, they simply don't have to. In the clip, director/screenwriter/star Bret Carr claims that he walks out of 90% of 'everything' he goes to see. I'm not sure about you, but that kind of love of cinema hardly inspires confidence in me. Others might balk at the film's long series of reshoots, apparently taking place since the late 90s.

I'm saying nothing more about Revoloution now, but if the filmmakers send me a copy I'll a) review it and b) decide how much I'll pay them for it once it's done. Hopefully it's a great film; it might be a great new approach to distribution; it's certainly a great piece of marketing.

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