Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Lamberto Bava's Ghost Son

The official site for Lamberto Bava's Ghost Son is now online in English and Itallian flavours (thanks to Antonello Samito for the link). Laura Harring, John Hannah and Pete Postlethwaite star - a cast resolutely unlike anything you'd find in a modern American horror film.

The plot description on the site is well worth sharing too:

A paranormal thriller that keeps you breathless from the beginning to the end. A love story that happens once in a lifetime and lasts forver. She is Stacey, he is Mark. On his farm, they are out of time and out of space. In those neverending plains made of dawns and sunsets, where one feels mysterious presences. Stacey is happy, her love for Mark makes her feel alive and fulfilled. Then, one day Mark disappears, nevertheless she knows he won't ever leave her alone. She dreams about a night with Mark, a great unqiue night of love that looks real. Baby Martin is born. She starts living in an unreal dimension where reality is mixed with imagination and memories. "What if Martin is the son of the ghost?"

Bava Senior was undeniably a master, and Junior's no slouch either. This will be better than it sounds.

Be aware that the site offers four making-of clips as well as the trailer and whole slew of stills.

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